Trendy Colors Fall Winter 2014/2015

The New York Fashion Week has began recently, and, looking ahead, I will say that I didn't see absolutely new trends. So we can assume that our wardrobe doesn't need much changes. Stability in all its glory! Already on the basis of what we saw we can determine trendy colors of the season. My post today is about Trendy Colors Fall Winter 2014/2015, a trend report of which the Pantone Color Institute® showed to the world.

Trendy Colors Fall Winter 2014/2015

If we talk about color trends, it all seems more interesting than if to say, for example, about a cut or a material (leather, fur, knitted material: they rule in any fall/winter season). I saw a lot of fairly bright hues in collections presented on NYFW. Despite the fact that in the most of collections gray, white, black and of course all shades of brown dominated, they had a lot of bright colors, too. I am particularly in love with emerald green and deep blue shades. All this brings us back from the modern bright acid colors to more noble past's shades. By the way, Pantone Color Institute® believes in this, too: "...designers are fascinated with the beauty of the past and the spirit of the present." Could not agree more!

“This is a season of untypical colors—more reflective of the imagination and ingenuity, which makes for an artful collection of colors and combinations not bound by the usual hues for fall,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. "There is a feminine mystique that is reflected throughout the palette, inspired by the increasing need for women everywhere to create an individual imprint."

10 Trendy Shades. Fall/Winter 2014/2015

  • Sangria, exotic red that evokes a feeling of glamorous adventures and passion.
  • Impressions of distant jorneys strengthened by Aurora Red that is more complex and sophisticated shade, with the addition of enthusiasm and bright sparks.
  • Mauve Mist. The romantic and elegant shade of purple reminds us of the era of Art Deco and "stimulate" the feeling of femininity and spiritual strength.
  • Radiant Orchid is the main color of 2014 - a fascinating and enjoyable to use, intriguing and inspiring.
  • Cypress is a majestic and mighty green, as its name suggests. This shade elevates as a wonderful evergreen.
  • Greenish Bright Cobalt offers a fine modification of the classical cobalt blue, and unites all blue shades of the season into a beautiful symphony.
  • Royal Blue, that simultaneously evokes memories and elevates, also offers more complexity and passion in the look than the classic navy, while still remaining versatile as it's cobalt brother.
  • Mix Bright Cobalt with Sangria, as well as Cypress and Royal Blue with Mauve Mist and Aluminum - futuristic shade of steel that can be used as a "complex neutral" color.
  • Cognac. This stylish cultured brown gives the outfit a typical autumn color, making the shade suddenly very suitable for an evening.
  • Optimistic Misted Yellow gives a hint of the promised arrival of the spring. Both colors: Cognac and Misted Yellow are also perfectly combined in prints - one of the most popular trends in fall of 2014.

    Which shade do you like mostly?