Trendy pants 2015. The best from catwalks

It's time of new fashion weeks and I found out that I forgot to post in my English blog about some fashion trends of SS2015. So, today I raise you Trendy Pants 2015. I've chosen for you the best pieces from spring-summer collections of the upcoming season. I hope you will like the new trends as I love.

Trendy pants 2015. The best from catwalks

I would like to say a couple of words about these SS collections. The seasons are moving. This fact is so see through if you look at these "summer" collections full of coats, knitted pieces, leather and even fur. Designers obviously think not about our SS, but about SS of Australia and the South America.

Well, I ain't even mad, I love to see different styles in collections.

I love printed pants: my fave ones are geometric and ethnic prints, as well as some of floral. Also, I see how the "gun print" is going trendy.

I love skinny pants and I love "flying" silky colorful pants, making girls look like butterflies. Personally I would choose leather pants, but it's too hot here in Portugal in summer :D So, I will wear classic white pants. White is always trendy, too.

One of my fave trends is military. I am going to make a post about this trend. Military pants are soooo hot, just OMG so hot! Also, I love metallic and futuristic pieces, these are just ONE LOVE! I would wear military and futuristic pieces every goddamn day!