Trendy Shoes Spring - Summer 2014. The Most Fashionable Designs

The most trendy shoes spring summer 2014 - the theme is still quite fresh, but personally, I already feel a big interest about the next season clothes and shoes. So after watching the fashion week in New York and London, I decided to share with you the inspiration of designers and suggest what trendy shoes is better to choose next spring, at which models is worth paying attention to, and, of course, which shoes to wear next spring and summer.

Trendy Shoes Spring - Summer 2014. The Most Fashionable Designs

According to the tradition of "stability" in the creation of new fashion trends, the shoes 2013 - 2014 are not too different from each other. But of course, what the artist likes to repeat himself? Therefore, the spring and summer shoes 2014 still have a number of features. I will try to describe them. American and British designers differ with greater commitment to modernity, so presented at Fashion Weeks in New York and London, models of shoes have a touch of the avant-garde, modern style and futuristic trends.

If you take a close look at the pics of the new collections of shoes, which I share with you below, you'll notice that the upcoming season will be again full of python skin. Almost two-thirds of designers used this texture in their collections of shoes. Also the classic leather and PVC-pieces are still trendy. Pearlescent metallic effect is continuing its proud standing among of the main fashion trends as well.

RMK shoes. The Most Fashionable Shoes Spring - Summer 2014

The Most Fashionable Shoes 2014

As for the color palette - everything, as Pantone said. I have already published a post about trendy colors of Spring 2014, and the range of colors represented in the shoe collections is also consistent with this trend - pastel, bright neon colors of yellow and orange, well, where do without classic black, white and beige? In my opinion, the most trendy shoes for spring are, of course, the classic models, simple and convenient designs and a touch of futuristic materials and colors. I could not wear super futuristic model, but if the model is convenient, created in the spirit of the time and has only a slight hint at the future fashion - such a model, as for me, is the most trendy one!

And there is enough the avant-garde in the design of shoes. Trendy shoes 2014 attract the attention by an unusual cut of shoe fabrics and by forms of the heel. Open cut lines, straps and webbing, perforation, geometrical forms add to classic pumps or sandals that very futuristic and avant-garde taste, turning already become boring models in small masterpieces of modern art. Well and heels ... Bent at an unusual angle, pushed far beyond the heel, surprising with unusual geometric lines. I do not know how they can be comfortable and applicable in life, but they look great!

In addition to the experiments with forms the shoes and sandals in classic and simple models - wedged, strapped at the ankle, pointed-toe pumps or platform with rounded toe are still trendy. Also ankle boots with opened toe and made ​​of light materials - perforated leather or lace keep being popular. Women's summer shoes 2014 consist mainly of straps - open models of sandals continue to please their fans in the following season.



    After watching the fashion weeks in Paris and Milan, I will fill up the selection of the most fashionable shoes 2014 with models of the more conservative and elegant collections from the Old World. If Americans share with us their vision of everyday and comfortable shoes, the fashion houses of Europe surely delight us with something more bright, beautiful, feminine and elegant. So this post will be updated with tips and new shoe models=)