Trendy winter hats 2013 - 2014. Which ones to choose?

Continuing the winter subject, I want to make a post about trendy winter hats, which, for northern climates (though who am I kidding? Even in Portugal in the winter we can't go out without hats - the ears will fall off LOL) are just an integral part of the daily outfit of each girl. I want today to learn trendy winter hats 2013 - 2014 year and to give you some tips on wich ones is better to choose (depending on the look as a whole), tell you where to buy winter hats on the internet, and, of course, simply to admire the beautiful photos of fashion accessories.

Trendy winter hats 2013 - 2014. Which ones to choose?

Trendy winter hats 2013 - 2014. Which ones to choose?

Every time I see a beautiful winter hats in the photo on the Internet, I am a little upset that there is no snow in Portugal, and to wear a warm hat, even in cold weather can make you feel hot. After all, well-chosen model will not only protect from the cold, but also will give the look perfection, replacing, at times, beautiful hairdos. And every girl should have several hats in the wardrobe that may be suitable for any occasion and outfit.

Today I want to share with you a selection of pics of winter hats that are suitable for everyday wear - to work, to walk, for outdoor recreation, and so on. Lighter options are for those who are being outside the minimum amount of time (for example, if you drive car or use the subway), and the warm, fluffy and soft models are for a long stay outdoor. Texture, material and color should be consistent with the overall appearance. I usually guided so - a hat must be the same color as all the accessories, or secondary hue of the look. For example, if to wear a white coat with black stripes, is better to choose black hat. If your outerwear designed in strict proportions, and is made from not artsy material than the hat may have an unusual shape, texture or a catchy vibrant color. If your outerwear is showy, bright, "fluffy" itself, it is better to choose more simple hat, there is a big amount of beautiful winter hats for girls, and there is plenty to choose from.

Photo Oscar de la Renta FW 2013 Campaign

Remember, too, that the choice of model depends on the shape and size of your own head and your hairdo. It is clear that no hat will save a pristine beauty of any hairstyle, but it depends on the material and shape whether you have the electrified hair, or whether your hair lose volume. If you have a big head, it is best to choose a hat with smaller volume, so as not to increase the size of the head even more. And vice versa - with a small head is better to choose a more voluminous, fluffy and colorful model. It all depends on whether you want to draw attention to the shape of the head or face or you want to hide it. If you go to choose a hat in an offline store, do not forget to try and visualize how it will look with your outerwear. Ideally, it worth to visit the store right in the coat or a jacket, that you plan to combine with a hat, but if you make a purchase in advance, this option will not work, of course =))) Well, let's actually get down to view pics of trendy winter hats. And prepare to choose! ♥

My selection of pics of trendy winter hats

As you can see, this season designers prefer knitted berets, warm caps, headgears, reminiscent of Turkish fezzes or turbans, volume fur hats and caps, hoods, which completely covers the head and neck. By the way, on top of the "hood" can be worn a wide-brimmed hat. Also the retro-styled models of 20's and 30's are trendy.

  • Alena Akhmadullina
  • Alexander Wang
  • Anna Sui
  • Ann-Sofie Back
  • Emilio Pucci
  • Issa
  • John Galliano
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Tsumori Chisato
  • Viva Vox
  • Vivienne Westwood

Where to buy winter hat?

If you're not sure where to buy a winter hat for girls, I am sharing with you the list of Internet shopping, the choice of hats of which I really like.

Have you already chosen winter hats for you? Which model do you prefer?