Weekly Picks. Christy Turlington, Cara Delevingne and Josefien Rodermans

Well, I continue my Weekly Picks for you and today I'll share with you three fashion-editorial that I've found pretty interesting and stunning to watch them and get inspired with them. So today is a set of shootings of Christy Turlington by Simon Upton, Cara Delevingne by J.R. Duran and Josefien Rodermans for VOGUE Taiwan by Naomi Yang. Hope, you'll enjoy them!

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Christy Turlington by Simon Upton

Oh, how many times I have argued about the age of models. With the current cosmetics and photo technology, makeup development and skills of MUAs, as well as with healthy lifestyle nowadays model of 40 yo look no worse than their twenty yo counterparts! Therefore I am always pleased to see the editorials with the girls from the "old guard." Photo shooting with Christy Turlington is a further proof that the real beauty does not disappear with age, it is only becoming ennobled, bolder and more independent.

Cara Delevingne by J.R. Duran

Well what is Cara Delevingne without inverted backwards baseball cap? This session shows the whole point of this Wild Child, which, despite her flexibility and ability to transform the look, for all of us is a forever young hooligan who "just put adult clothes." I love her. ♥ And who does not? =)

Josefien Rodermans VOGUE Taiwan. Photographer Naomi Yang

Dutch Josephine Ruderman is still far from her peer Cara in terms of fame, however, in professional terms, she does not lag on the super model, and at her 19 she has already "lit up" with her presence on runways of the leading fashion houses and covers of famous fashion magazines. I liked her work for VOGUE Taiwan.

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