Weekly Picks. Daft Punk, Irina Shayk and Olivia Palermo

Oh, my dears, I need to apologize for keeping silence for a lot of time, nowadays all my attention is concentrated on my Russian part of ko-te.com, but I try to post some interesting articles for my English part too... Today is the Sunday and it's time for Weekly Picks =) Today I will share with you some fashion editorials I loved this week.

Irina Shayk by Pavel Havlicek

I am a huge fan of Irina Shayk and not only because she is Russian and has a Portuguese boyfriend (so am I!!! =P) but also she reflects the real beauty of Russian women, the great intellect of a succesful model, actress and TV presenter, and just an awesome loving girlfriend, daughter, sister and dog owner. I really respect how she lives and I love to see her new works.

Milla Jovovich and Daft Punk by Mathieu César

When I for the first time saw Daft Punk I was really thinking they play some futuristic kind of electronic music. When I heard them I was surprised with their style of music from 80-s. I can't say I like it or not, but they definetely catch attention. Also being a huge fan of Milla Jovovich I was pretty glad to see this stunning editorial.

Olivia Palermo by Damon Baker

No, I am not a fan of Olivia Palermo, but the succes of this it-girl makes me respect her, and also I just love gorgeous photos =) Hope, you will like this editorial too =)

Which do you like more?