What to wear on a first date. Women's secrets ;)

Hi, my beauties! Every girl at least once in life had the situation where the main problem of the day is the trouble: What to wear on a first date. Women look so amazing preparing to the first date :D Photos that I found today and the outfits that I made will help you get inspired in this matter;) Let's start, of course, with dresses and high heels. Classics of the genre! If you are invited to a restaurant or a party - the dress will be the best choice.

Ola, gatinhas! Hoje, eu vou escrever o que vestir no primeiro encontro. Eu preparei para vocês looks e fotos para inspiração.

o que vestir no primeiro encontro

The dress can be combined with shoes and accessories in suitable colors and styles.

O vestido pode ser combinado com sapatos e acessórios em cores e estilos adequados.

o que vestir no primeiro encontro

But not always the dress is at hand in such situations. Sometimes the rendezvous requires to look feminine and romantic, and your dresses in wardrobe have been worn more than once or even seem to be ugly (sometimes I feel like that, and you? =)) In this case, your the best option is the beautiful feminine blouse. Even dressed with jeans or shorts, with appropriate accessories, makeup and hair, the blouse creates a very romantic and feminine look.

o que vestir no primeiro encontro. Blouse and jeans

Combine the beautiful blouse with elegant shoes, high heels and elegant accessories. Plain jeans or shorts without a decor can be a good base.

Combine a blusa bonita, com sapatos, saltos altos e acessórios elegantes. Calças ou calções simples sem decoração podem ser uma boa base.

o que vestir no primeiro encontro. Jeans and blouse

But not every boyfriend invites to a party or a restaurant for a date. Especially when we talk about students =) If you will have a romantic promenade, or visiting amusement parks, or movie or a romantic dinner with pizza - a dress and heels will look out of place;) Your choice - shorts, a beautiful sweater (in the evening is cool) and comfortable and pretty shoes without a heel.

o que vestir no primeiro encontro. Shorts and tops for promenade

Beautiful hairstyle, handbag and cute accessories will help to "soften" the look to make it more girlish.

Penteado, bolsa e acessórios bonitos ajudam a "suavizar" o look para torná-lo mais feminina.

o que vestir no primeiro encontro. Shorts and sweater for promenade

I hope now you know what to wear on a first date! Women's friendship and tips of friend is our main weapon :D I will wait for your comments if you like these pics and outfits ;)

Espero agora que vocês sabem o que vestir no primeiro encontro. Vou aguardar pelos vossos comentários se gostaram destas fotos e outfits;)

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