Women in black

Women in black. Have you ever heard of them? I love black color and sometimes I use the black color only in my outfits. Somebody thinks that using the one color in looks makes these looks boring, but I think that's not about the black. Especially, if we talk about the glam-rock style.

Women in black

I've created for you three looks in black color. This looks are extremely chic and not for every day. They are more for the parties, but I need to say that I like this style ;) Every girl wants to be crazy sometimes. So If you like to have the look of the bad girl, or you like glam-rock style or Lady Gaga's outfits then welcome! ;)

This glam rock look is a perfect decision for any cool party! Hell, yeah, glam rock style is cool for parties!

If you are a romantic rock girl, you can look perfect in this type of outfits. Try out all your fave accessoies ♥

Here we are, even more black looks! ♥ Women in black look charming and mistiriously ♥ Not even glam-rock style!

Take care of your beauty! I love you! Big kisses for you all dears! Meaow=*