Your style. Pink shoes

Pink is a fave color of the most girls and mine too. As black, white and red the pink color is turning in the classic. They use it not for sweet romantic looks only, but for sport-chic style and even for business dress-code as well.

Today I want to write about shoes in tones of the pink color. What a tone is better to prefer, how to combine pink shoes... Read more ;)

The one of the most popular tones is a coral tone. It's something between pink and red. It would look good as with jeans, dresses, in office, on the party as well.

Neon colorful pink. Sure, you can't use this color in the office. But for a creation the "barbie-doll" look this is good! This tone as good as for blondies as for brunettes. But not for brown-haired.

neon pink shoes

Pastel tones are my fave. They can be used everywhere. The pink high-heel shoes of lollypop tones will stress a glamorous outfit. And light-pink flats with a bow is a best addition to the romantic look.

But if you prefere the classic of the black color, then you can use classical black shoes with pink details.

Also I need to mark that the pink color is not for feminine shoes only. Not less fabulous they will look on sport or military boots. If you like experiments you can try.

Now I present to you three looks with pink shoes that I created.

Take care of your beauty! Big kisses for you all! Meaow=*