Your Style. Hot Beach Looks

Swimwear makes me happy every year. Because I love as pastel as well bright colors, the graphic of modern forms as well as lush and feminine shapes, inspired with retro-fashion. And designers didn't disappoint me =) I especially like the beachwear and swimwear of the brand "Victoria's Secret". Their designers are always know what every girl needs;)

Beachwear and swimwear

It would be weird to wear beautiful beachwear in a city if they wouldn't invented a beach tunic: I decided to make today looks with them. Tunics can be used in a outfit with shorts, if the tunic is pretty short, or independently like a dress. And you can walk through a city like that =) Also I post my most fave looks from VS designers .

The best beach looks are always provided by VS's angels. Do you agree with me? :D

It's just a fuuuuun :D Which queen lokks the best in your opinion? :D

Funny beach-party :D

Take care of your beauty and have a good summer! ;) Kisses for you! Meaow=*