1000 followers via Bloglovin!

Good day, my dear beauties! This small post, I dedicate my joyful event - I've got 1000 followers via Bloglovin! =) And now my blog takes 93 place in the ranking of beauty blogs from around the world! And it's just for six months of existence of my blog! Thank you very much, my dear, for your support and love! Every day I dedicate the better part of my time to write for you interesting and useful articles, recipes, tips, tutorials and reviews! With each passing day, thanks to you, my blog is getting better and more interesting =) Thank you for your kind comments and activity on the pages of my blog in VK.com and Facebook! THANK YOU, just huge THANK YOU, for believing in me, thanks to this I can proudly represent the Russian beauty bloggers in the world and maintain the status of Russian women as the one of the most beautiful and a good judge of beauty! Thank you very much! I love you very much, my lovely kittens! = * Lots and lots of kisses!