Emergency evacuation from the Shopping Center

Name of Eva Tornado and the word "adventure" can be safely put in one sentence. Yes,when I've just found the time for shopping, then the emergency evacuation drill was conducted in a shopping center Norteshopping! Smiling security guard sent me (puting it mildly - I was surprised) along with my packets out. I couldn't understand "WTF?". But one moment later I reminded about a small flyer that I've got from the security guard at the entrance. I was warned by the administration of the shopping center that an emergency evacuation Drill will be conducted at 10.15 am. Well, of course! Only I could come at these minutes for shopping! Plus, my dislike of a reading any papers that I get from the staff of a shopping center let me down. So, then I will read it!

Actually, I need to say, that I calm down quick. Remembering the events in France, Belgium and Italy (I'm talking about the recent terrorist attacks) this evacuation drill is fully justified. And I should be more careful! And you, dear girls, you know how to behave if you were caught in evacuation in the time of your shopping? I'll share with you an information of the security service of the Norteshopping.

How to behave during the evacuation of the shopping center?

1. Having been informed of the evacuation from the administration of the shopping center on the speakerphone, please don't panic, don't run, stay calm. You may well have time to dress, and even pay for purchases (as I did) - unless of course there is no chaos around you. Remember that the security service keeps everything under control.

2. Observe the safety regulations, which will be articulated by the security service.

3. Go to the nearest exit and follow the instructions of staff / guards. I listened the music in my headphones, and I heard nothing but courteous staff pointed the exit for me.

4. Don't use elevators, use stairs. I was lucky, I was on the ground floor =)

5. Protect yourself from smoke and heat (if they are around you), move being closer to the ground or crawl on (if there is a lot of smoke).

6. Never go back! If you overcame the awful horror, unlikely if you return, then you find a piece of paradise there. No, it will be worse. So - just go forward!

7. Follow the instructions of the staff of the shopping center, if you can't find your desired exit (eg, parking).

8. If you see children, the elderly, blind and disabled people, help them evacuate.

These rules are not so complicated, and it's important to remember that in any situation - from evacuation drill, till the crumbling building, you need to stay calm. The panic in any case will not help you, by contrast, it's likely to lead to a stalemate.

Let all the troubles bypass you! Many kisses to you! Meaow! =*