Eurovision 2012

Today everybody talks about Eurovosion 2012. But I will not make an analyse of the artists and their shows. I will write about what I liked or I didn't.

I don't like lyrical songs, that's why I supported Filipa Souza from Portugal just because I live in Portugal. I didn't like an albanian singer Rona Nishliu too. Her song was heard by me like a crying of dogs.

The ukrainian singer Gaitana has a good and strong voice, but her song... So-so. The big disrespect from me to italian singer Nina Zilli. Yesterday the Twitter was twitting with a hashtag "Amy Winehouse is alive!". But I need to say, that to use the image of the dead idol of millions... It's a dirty action. And actually this world doesn't need another Amy.

About russian "Buranovskie Babushki"'s grandmas. They are the one, who really didn't need this victory. That's why their show was simple, true, pure and very touching. No glamour and pathos. The second place is very decent! I hope nobody will torture them with tours and gigs.

Ah, yes. About Loreen. About swede-winner. She has a moroccan origin, and her dance looked like the wild tribal's dance. It was very hypnotic show. And the voice of her is something amazing... It touched me. I'm still in "Euphoria".

Take care of your beauty, my fave babes! Big kisses to you=! Meaow=*