How do we get fat? My follow-up

In modern society, many girls are trying to lose weight. It's not my problem, not yours, but the problem of the whole society. Think about why, in our society, everything is so concerned about weight? We can look at the tribes of Africa, Australia, North and South America. I'm ready to swear that you have not seen any of them fatty. I've never seen before. We can compare their and our society.

tribal girls

Their society is fully compatible with nature. All that they have: houses, clothing, food, they get it all with their own great work: hunting, construction ... and for the manufacture of any, even the simplest meals, pieces of furniture or clothing they have to spent an enormous amount of time and energy. This is the unity with the nature. Uniform nutrition, because in such circumstances is difficult to obtain high-calorie foods in large quantities with hunting and always have it (as we are eating chips watching a movie). And in such conditions of labor - it is difficult dont spend all of the received energy. Therefore, it's obvious that such problems as excess weight dont exist for them.

About our society. Our society is, oddly enough, is "ruined" with the progress (if we're talking about the health of our society, and about the normal weight, as about the part of the health of the body). Ironically, the further progress more degraded our society. This is evident in the elementary things, if earlier, 20 years ago, to talk to one another, we travel long distances, sometimes even without using any transportation, now this is replaced with all mobile phones and the Internet. The elementary things such as TV remote control: we use it instead of get up and change the channel. If we take a more global: Television and the Internet have replaced our actual visits to museums, theater, friends, and the walkings in general.

What did the progress give us? Reducing labor costs, in terms of "food production" - all those elements that are necessary for our body, we can synthesize out of nothing, out of elementary chemical compounds (well, not very elementary: D) and supermarkets - the main supplier of products, we don't need to look . And the most "advanced" don't go anywhere - they bought food in the Internet or with the phone. These low-cost chemical products are fully at every step, this all kills us. And we are constantly think, why we have overweight.

The solution is not so complicated. You can only slightly change their lives. And you won't have to torment yourself dieting. Let's return to our nature, let's exclude from our lifes the things (gadgets, devices) , which we can replace with own head and hands more often, let's replace the virtual communication with real meetings, let's replace the computer games with plays and walkings with children or with dog (even a turtle can walk;)) Instead of buying a gift someone a bunch of junk, let's do the small gifts with our hands and the soul. This is the work on which all the energy that you get from food will be spent. And even if you eat not quite right at the same time , everything that you eat - will be spent.

{p.s.} sorry for my English, I am still learning=) I love you! Big kisses! Meaow=*