Instapics or Hello, bloggish Summer!

I am restoring, kittens. The first year of my blogging I have been devoting all my time to develop my blog, not giving myself any day of rest, and when the first birthday of had come, I realized that I need to rest. Otherwise, I just will be "blown away" and my tender love for my "brainchild" will turn into an allergic reaction to pressing the "+ Add New Post".

That's it, how can you get bored with what you love? But even I with all my love to chocolate can't eat it every day without feeling of surfeit .... But so happened that in this period it was my moving to another flat. I was able to breathe freely without constantly thinking about the blog.

Eva Tornado on Instagram

You need to arrange a local tornado? Then we go to you!

My moving was accompanied by a bunch of small troubles (most often it was malfunctions, my astigmatism multiplied by my crooked hands was to blame), that I decided to solve myself because of my masterpiece stubbornness. It turns out that I am able to repair switches gas-stoves, which were not turning because of rust that came inside because I spilled boiling coffee .... I don't see how in such a small "I" a galoot gets along with Jack of all trades?


The beginning of May great weather pleased Porto-city, I even managed to get to the beach for sunbathing, what I dreamed for a long time, simply because I slept and saw to get a little tan: anemic pallor face, who stares at me from the mirror every day was depressing me a little. Of course, the weather contributed to the walks, and I loved to spend time in different parts of Porto, visiting new places for me. In the two weeks I was able to unwind, to deal with the current affairs and start again generate ideas for the blog. So a new year for me has began, which I hope will be pretty BLOGGISH!

You can see my everyday life in pics following me on Instagram, my nickname is @evatornado.

How had your May's beginning? Do you have a syndrome of awkwardness when everything breaks or falls? =)

I wish you a wonderful day, kittens! I love you! ♥ Meow!