Instaweek and a bit of thoughts

Kittens, I sometimes torn apart, not knowing which a format of blog keep - officially-publicistic one, or still more blogging, with my own personal feelings and emotions ... Some posts require a more or less objective approach, and some the personal one. Rarely in any of them I can just talk about my thoughts and feelings that do not affect or may affect only indirectly the main themes of my blog. And sometimes I want to talk not about beauty and fashion, so I decided to afford me to create a separate type of publications, which I will place to the section of "lifestyle", because it more about my lifestyle is: my thoughts, feelings, not related (or related just a little bit) with my blogging activities. And in order to it was not boring, I will combine these posts with the publication of pics that I have published in Instagram (I'd recently started to use this application if you are interested to talk to me, I am @evatornado). This very good service allows you to "look behind the scenes" of the life of blogger.

Instaweek and a bit of thoughts

I read a lot and, in principle, I agree that the blogger must have a "face" or "voice," as the American bloggers call it. Each blog must simply shine through with the author's personality, and be full of emotions and thoughts of blogger. But my journalistic habit to approach any subject as objectively as possible (I worked in the service of news, there is no personal thoughts and experiences, just the facts) and my posts was completely deprived the "humanity". In addition, another old habit of mine to keep all my thoughts and feelings to myself. But blogging is still doing its job - every day my publications somehow find their voice, and, if you compare with the first of my publications, you can see how my author's style changed =) I can not but rejoice, because I really want to be closer to my readers and give them my positive emotions, share joyful events and experiences and just talk to different girly themes!

Today, despite of my sickness, I decided to leave the house, because I no longer wanted to be locked up and I wanted experiences and fresh emotions. As always, I sent the foot to my favorite Norteshopping, there is already for a week festival of Civil Defense is going. Sounds strange, but it's interesting: all the services, related to health, environment, police, ambulance and other emergency services conduct the exhibition where in many interesting forms they present their activities. In addition, on-site shopping center different machinery and equipment of these services are exhibited, and recently even demonstrations of dog handlers with dogs were there - it was very interesting, but I had no camera, sorry.

Today I've drank a coffee, visited the shops, to "put an eye" on what I need to buy, and just spent a good time, trying to catch the elusive WI-FI :D And how was your weekend? What did you have interesting things happen? =)

I love you, my fluffies! ♥ Meow ♥