International bloggers day

Today, June 14, all the world is celebrating the international blogger's day. This day was started to celebrate in 2004. I also want to participate and to congratulate all my colleagues, and especially girls, who writes, make video- and photo-blogs. I wish you success, loving readers, constant development and new discoveries!

international bloggers day

The job of the blogger is one of the most "addictive" because you're "at work" always, wherever you are, and it's hard work to collect interesting information, to find something truly worthy to show to readers.

Separately, I want to thank everyone who reads my blog, because you're with me. My blog is probably one of the few in Russia what is in the bilingual version, and I write not only about beauty, but also about fashion and other interesting things =) I write for American, Europen and Russian girls. And it's a honor for me to communicate with each of you personally in my communities on Twitter and Facebook! Thanks for reading, writing comments and feedback, and invite their friends =) I love you all! Take care of your beauty! =*