Merry Christmas! ♥ That was a lovely year, and I am waiting for the new!

I wish you Merry Christmas and happy New Year, my dear girls! I am so happy to spend this time with my family, so I am a bit out of my blog. I hope you have this happy time, too! I want also to say THANK YOU a lot for being with me whole this year ♥ This means a lot for me!=)

As you know, I spend more time blogging in my Russian blog, but sometimes I have time to write something for you or for my Portuguese readers. I am happy to know, that within this year the number of my visitors has grown up x5 times! For now my blog has 5 thousands views per day and 150 thousands per month! This is a great achievement for my 1,5 years old blog! ♥ And this all is because of you, my dears! Thank you a lot! I hope to spend more time in my English blog for you, and show you all the new ideas and projects I take a part in! Marry Christmas! ♥