My first celebration. Kisses from Europe has got 333 followers on Bloglovin! ^^

Hi, my lovely kittens! So, if you know I write my blog just 4 months, and I am really happy, that so much people love all that I write! ^^ I want to share these numbers - my community in russian social network Kisses From Europe now has about 5500 subscribers, my own page has more that 9000 subscribers, my community on Facebook Kisses From Europe by Eva Tornado has 200 subscribers and 333 beauties follow me via Bloglovin Kisses From Europe. For me these numbers are wonderfull! Just for 4 months! I am too happy and I want to say THANK YOU, my beautiful ladies, that you read my blog, share your comments, follow me in social networks! I am happy! ^^ Yahoo!! I love you all! =**

My first celebration. 333 followers on Bloglovin! ^^

I love you all! Thank you for your love! Big kisses=** Meow :3