My morning workout

Every day in spite of a laziness, a rain, a bad mood I do my morning exercises. They help me get rid of bad temper and laziness. Of course, the exercise will not help stop the rain, but they will add vigor and strength, as well as help maintain the shape.

Morning workout

Every morning, still sleeping, I get up and begin my exercises from rotating the head. I turn head to the right and left, warm up my neck muscles, the blood comes to my brain, and I wake up.

Then it's time for the arm and shoulder muscles. The rotational movement of hands, elbows and arms as well as exercises with the separation of hands-to-side. Muscles are in tone, the heart rate is speeding up, the dream has finally gone.

The inclinations of the body. Forward, back, left and right. Oh, yes. And the rotation.

Then I make a exercises for knee joints and feet, and finish the exercises in the upright position with squats.

Then I do some exercises for the abdominal muscles, buttocks (staying on the knees and hands I "push" the leg back and up), push-ups.

I finish my workout with jumping on site. How many times? I started with 10 times each exercise. Then every new time I add a few times, so as not to shock the body.