The Chronicles of Kote ♥ Meet with my kittens

Kittens, those of you with whom we are friends on social networks, are probably aware of replenishment in my family =) Initially, my husband and I wanted to adopt just one kitten, but it turned out that we were unable to make a choice ... and have took two =) boy and girl. About the choice: we don't regret it, kittens don't get bored with each other (and don't make us get bored too!) And we have not even afraid to leave them alone for a while.

FN: As you know "kote" is a slang russian word that means "cat, kitten".

The Chronicles of Kote ♥ Meet with my kittens

With a choice of names we didn't yet fully decide, but somehow it happened that we call Hanita the girl (distorted from word "honey"), and a boy - Croissant (in Portuguese "heart" is coração, but I'm usually distorting the word to "croissant." Therefore, calling the kitten, "you are my heart!" I call him the inevitably "croissant" :D).

Hanita is terribly snooty and active, kinda mini-tornado xD Puts her little black-and-white snout in every box.

Kote Hanita :D

Croissant is very quiet boy, proud and noble one. With his equanimity he recalls wild cats. When he will grow up he will be like a small copy of a panther =)

Kote Croissant :D

Their couple has a complete matriarchy! Although at times it seems to me that the pliability of Croissant is not an act of henpecking, but the wisdom of men, that it is easier to agree with a woman, than to explain the "why not". :D It is often he yields the most delicious pieces to voracious Hanita. With us he is unbelievable purring and affectionate, loves to cuddle. That I can not, by the way, to say about Hanita. She can't sit on the arms, and she despises purring and switching on "purr-machine" extremely rare.

My black-spotted kote

The kids are with us only the second week, but we already love them with all the heart. I'm glad I was finally able to adopt kitten, because I can't imagine my life without cats. Even the name of my blog I had chosen connected with the word "cat" (although it is a collection of first letters words and initials). In my account at Instagram I share my almost daily snapshots from the life of my cats. I will be glad to see you as friends!