Blog. Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle. For many people this phrase is associated with a complete rejection of the "earthly pleasures." But I am (like a girl who prefers the healthy lifestyle) I am absolutely happy. I don't need dope for to relax, to have fun, to have a good time.

A lot of time ago I've broke bad habits and replace them with useful ones. I don't smoke and don't drink an alcohol (I have a rigid position, cuz the alcohol is a poison, any encyclopedia can say the same, and it's using in no way will be justified), I do sports every day, I eat a healthy diet (only occasionally I let myself a weakness in the form of cakes or ice cream *_*). My body thanks me for clear skin, healthy complexion, and my good shape that has a cute reflexion in the mirror :D

When we look on celebrities, models and actresses, we realize that their beauty is their job and they need to spend a lot of efforts to look the way they look. Many women's magazines are full of headlines: "Miracle Mask of the famous actress can help you look 10 years younger." Yes, but it's not the mask's help! Everyone who earns money by his appearance put a lot of efforts, money and time for his image.

Each of my reader comes to my blog, hoping to find some interesting tips that help to become a little bit better. And they find. But my most important advice that I give in each post: Take care of your beauty! It's very easy to lose it, and our beauty leaves us very quickly over the years. And the healthy lifestyle is the only way that will help you to save it. Everything else are additional steps - only;)

Take care of your beauty, your health and your family! I love you very much! Kisses=** Meaow!