Cute and Cool Girls with Sleeve Tattoos

A time when tattoo was a synonymous word to brutality had passed. Thanks, Universe.

As a tattoo lover, I can't be happier with the modern trend which lets girls keep looking elegant while having tattoos (I will never ever understand those "metalheads" or any other subculture dudes who think that only wearing alternative clothing and makeup you can be "a real" metalhead/rapper/punk etc).

Fuck those! I love tattoos, I love metal, but I love my almost-white-wardrobe with classic and minimalistic pieces ♥

Today I was inspired by such mix of elegance and brutality and decided to share with you the coolest pics of girls with sleeve tattoos. As an example of my worldview about how elegant can be a girl with a tattoo, and no need to wear all that informal clothing to look cool.