Gucci looted a kindergarten for Menswear SS 2017

Honestly, I lost my ability to speak when I've seen Gucci Menswear SS 2017 collection. That was so unexpectedly terrible view, it paralyzed me.

I used to like the brand. I used to enjoy new collections. However, what new creative director of the label Alessandro Michele does with the brand legacy makes me cry with bloody tears.

I am not a big pro in fashion history, and in  the whole industry, but as an observer: if I see crap, I get it - that's crap!

What my I eyes have seen in the new Menswear collection... Michele either looted the nearest kindergarten in pursuit of new apparel pieces, or that was a recycling center... Near of kindergarten!

Gucci looted a kindergarten for Menswear SS 2017 

Those looks of mixed toddlers clothing, page-boy suits, and kitsch details (like that awful floral embroidery - flowers for  the spring? So fresh! So creative!) - that all gave me cancer.

What's been seen cannot be unseen.

Gucci, what have you done? What do you, people, think about?

WHO, you imagine, will wear that?!

Aristocracy? Businessmen?

Circus actors and mad artists just don't have money for this luxury kitsch. Alas.

I've seen a lot of shit. But that one... Can get a Shit Of The Year Award.

Stop, please, just stop consuming cocaine, dear designers!