Naked Dress Looks. Between WTF and WOW

Naked dress look is a thing now.

A thing initiated by celebrities (such as Rihanna, Beyonce) who chosen the outstanding and remarkable image for their red carpet looks. That was cool, bold and absolutely gorgeous, yes it was.

But what do I see now? Following that FIRST CELEB LEAGUE trend, more and more as Primal Stars as not-so-rich-and-famous girls try to use such outfits for their festive looks.

Here comes the edge between WOW and WTF.

Naked Dress Looks. Between WTF and WOW

Don't get me wrong. I am standing for body positive and stuff...

However, I am a person who believes that the best style solution is to wear clothing that matches your body type. Sometimes, it is aside from following hottest trends.

To not get those WTF cranky smirks from people around.