Silver Dress. If You Dream of Celebrity Look

I am an actual fan of all metallic stuff (not only because I listen to the metal, but rather because I am a futuristic nerd). However, not every metallic shade is adored by me. Not every. Actually the only one.

I am in love with silver. You actually might notice I wear only black, white and gray shades, so my jewelry and accessories preferences are, as well, between black and white - the gray shade. They are silverish.

 So if you ask for my personal opinion how to look like a celebrity and shine "like a diamond" TM, I answer - go for a Silver Dress! The easiest way to look fabulous and be noticed is this!

If you aren't convinced yet, just take a look at that!

Silver Dress. If You Dream of Celebrity Look


So, did you like those? I am in love with every and each one of them! I am absolutely not a dress wearer myself, but believe me, my loves, if once you will see me wearing a dress, it will be the silver dress, no doubt!

And you may believe me, I will rock it as hard as I only can :D