Unexpectable Street Style Looks that Made Me Gasp

For many years, fashion weeks formed the reputation of freaks parades in my eyes (and not only in mine). I can't help, but always searching the most awkward and embarrassing looks, watching thru magazines reports.

Of course, our style is a reflexion of ourselves, but let's be honest - dozens of bloggers, as well as any other digital influencers or public figures, wear ridiculous outfits just to draw attention to their personalities. I am no one to judge them.

However, they can't stop me laughing :D

Today, though, I am not going to dedicate my post to such weirdos. I rather share with you really cool and unexpectable outfits that are beyond my style tastes, but still look so fabulous that I can't move along without applauding.


Unexpectable Street Style Looks that Made Me Gasp

I have made this collection of the looks of latest seasons (not of the only one, but many). I personally admire some unpredictable solutions of mixing textures, combining styles and challenging my (sometimes) limited mind with absolutely unexpectable ensembles.

Those combos with black and white mesh skirts, tho ♥

Tokio can't stop pleasing me :D