How to Wear a Black Shirt? The BEST combos

Today my Style Guide post is about How to Wear a Black Shirt. I am a fan of the black color, but not a huge fan of shirts - fuss with buttons doesn't attract me =) Although, there is a place for denim shirts in my wardrobe, of course, and I plan to restock it with white shirts because #thisismusthave.

But I don't know when I'm going to do it, I have no occasion to wear white shirts because I'm not a "white collar". Well, a hero of the today's post isn't a white shirt, but the black one. I will share with you the best looks + my fave combos.

How to Wear a Black Shirt? The BEST combos

Black shirt looks, in my opinion, echo with the classic elegance and, partly, with grunge, gothic and metal. In principle, the versatility of this piece is that it can ably fit into a look in any stylistic trend. And that's why it should be included in the expanded basic wardrobe and take a part in everyday looks.

I simply don't have black shirts, I've already written why, but my wardrobe is full of black tops and T-shirts. I LOVE BLACK! And I can tell you one more reason why you should buy a black shirt: black makes you look slim (I have just discovered America, yep :D), so if you want your body to look visually skinnier, get a black shirt in your wardrobe! Better a loose-fitting one or a bit oversized which will conceal a body' shape, but in any case, not a tight one!

My top black shirt looks ideas

  • Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a combo with jeans. Fairly popular mix! For example, the model Miranda Kerr often wears a black shirt with jeans, and even for official events! In my opinion, this is a very strong argument in favor of such a look.
  • Gold items look very well with black, giving the outfit a hint of nobility and luxury. You can try to wear gold bracelets, collar or waistband.
  • Leopard print is also one of the most common options for outfits with a black shirt. And I must say, with all my bias against this print, it looks very harmonious and appropriate with black color. If you don't like the "cheetah", then you can try to mix a black shirt with floral printed pants or a skirt.
  • Total black look. Black top and black bottom. "In a black-black town, on a black-black street a black-black girl wears a total black look every day". It's about me :D Although, I try to wear more colors, but the BW color scheme is my favest! Well, in general, sometimes the total black look can be the best option when it is difficult to choose the appropriate outfit for a certain event. Versatile, not easily soiled, convenient and so on!
  • A black shirt-dress. It's not a shirt, but a dress. However, a long black shirt can be worn as a dress if it belted with a strap. Although, it's possible to wear it without any belt, because A-line silhouettes are trendy, too =) So if you like to wear shirts this way, go for it! :3
  • BW gradient. Black-and-white classics never go out of style, so you can feel free to combine a black shirt with a white or gray bottom - a skirt or trousers.