In the rhythm of the world: Reflex by Ritmo Mundo

I love press releases =) Every time I learn something new, and I discover the original stuff, interesting events and people! Today I received a press release from the brand, which I already wrote - watch brand Ritmo Mundo. Nice PR-department employees have decided to introduce me to the wonderful youth line of the brand - watches Reflex. Like their older "counterparts", these watches are quite unusual: filled with bright neon colours thin bracelets send us in bright 90's and in the same time into the unknown future. I really like this mix of futurism with, in a good sense, craziness of the last century. Undoubtedly, these watches are perfect for young and active people, fans of unusual details of the style and judges of the time.

In the rhythm of the world: Reflex by Ritmo Mundo

Inspired by the ubiquitous Eighties and Nineties fad, the REFLEX has created a fashion twist by adding the function of time using modern technology and environmentally friendly materials. The design of REFLEX watches makes them ideal for all activities consistent with an active lifestyle.

REFLEX watches' design makes them ideal for all kinds of activities in accordance with an active lifestyle. Watches are made of silicone, which the LED system is built in. It is these small LED bulbs will show you the time. Fairly unusual system, isn't it? The left column of bulbs will indicate the hours. The right side shows minutes, it is divided into two columns. One of them shows the dozens, and the second - ones. Thus, all three LED lights will tell you the time. Ritmo Mundo Reflex Watch is made in fifteen different colours and are suitable for both men and women.

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In addition to press release, I will say that the celebrities (Naomi Campbell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, Lindsay Lohan, Brad Pitt) gladly wear the watch Reflex. Also Ritmo Mundo is in partnership with producers of "Sex and the City" and "Lost". I wonder why I never heard about them before? =) But now I've caught up =)

Kittens, have you already heard about this brand? Do you like the watches? I will be glad to read your comments, my beauties!

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