Trendy Shoes Spring – Summer 2016

Although I'm a bit late with my very own Trendy Shoes Spring – Summer 2016 review, there is still time before the Spring will blow our brains up with blossoming dizziness. So, my report will come in handy for those who ponders what trends to pay attention to.

As you know, I draw your attention not to brands, but to trends. Therefore, you should not lose heart: you can once again "update" your wardrobe with your last year's favorites: there were no fundamental changes in fashion. The reasons for that are the global collapses, and a simple human desire to have no emergencies at least in own wardrobe.

Trendy Shoes Spring – Summer 2016

Trendy Shoes Spring – Summer 2016

Yet again, designers decided to use proven ways to conquer hearts of fashionistas. They presented updated versions of shoes models which had already became previous seasons hits. So, we all can keep rocking our favourite pairs ♥

You can observe the shoe extravaganza in the collections: from the cumbersome and coarse (outwardly) Saint Laurent PVC boots to subtle and aerial Balenciaga slippers. Although I personally wasn't that impressed by new models. There was no "WOW-effect" for me.

As always, I am pleased with the traditional for latest seasons thick sole, and platforms (all shapes and sizes). Designer teams of Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Versace demonstrate their fidelity to bulky footwear.

Look-alike-reptile skin just doesn't want to disappear from designers collections. I personally don't understand the desire to keep using such a leather pattern. Rather than to try different stamping, seek new options, season after season, designers just walk the trodden path. Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Miu Miu, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace and others continue to make what will be bought.

If you read my review of Trendy Colors Spring - Summer 2016, you already know which bright colors will be trendy. It's not surprising to see the variety of colors in shoe brands' lines. I especially noticed eye-catching shoe pairs of Valentin Yudashkin, Salvatore Ferragamo, Marni and Prada, Roberto Cavalli.

PVC "jelly" is the one of the few trends that sing a lullaby to my heart ♥ You know that I am a bit crazy, and I always look for the conceptual design in any (even the most conservative) collection. Although many designers were very cautious and used the jelly as a detail, that was well done, it's worth noting! I am so happy that transparent "jelly" can be seen in the collections of Loewe, Chanel, Givenchy and others.

Here, again, I glare (heavy breathing) to every collection, which has leather shoes with metallic effect. I'm ready to sing an ode to Rick Owens, Giorgio Armani, Prada, and even to not really my favorite Chanel for they are pleased Eva's eyes with an abundance of light metal in their lines of the upcoming season. Yes, yes, yes, I am a futuristic nerd, and I can only see the trends that are interesting to me. Well, how else? This is my blog: D

Instead of experimenting with materials, many designers opted for decoration and modification of heels' form. Sometimes it's just decor, which fits perfectly into the concept. Sometimes a shape of a heel is soooooo distorted that I wonder: do creative teams of brands actually know that shoes are put on feet? Such angular, gnarly fetters unlikely are handy companions on the walk. Interesting heels can be seen in the collections of Maison Margiela, Giambattista Valli, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada.

Which trends did you notice by yourselves? What attracted you in the new collections?