AITAF: Inspiring Guardian Angels

Do you believe in guardian angels?

Have you ever wondered if they exist?

Believe you or not, you have a whole army of angels who pledged their lives to serve for yours.

Guardian Angel

AITAF: Inspiring Guardian Angels

- Mommy, do all angels have wings?

- No, honey. Not everyone. Most of them have no wings, and they look like simple people, just like you and me.

- So, we can see them whenever we want?

- Of course, darling. They are always with us, they defend us from evil demons.

- And they will never leave us?

- They will never-ever leave us. If they lose, they will take us away to the heaven to be always with us. Now, dear, we have to go to the shelter. Some demons have wings, too…

© From my diary

Guardian angels from the US Armed Forces

It may sound mysteriously, but the greatest things are often the simplest. The angels are Military Servicemen and Servicewomen of the US Armed Forces, who guard our peace fighting at the world’s hot spots and who protect the country.

Wherever you live, they put lives to defend not only American people, but whole civilized world, the entire planet from the worst: a global war and terror.

They are the last Rubicon.

America's Guardian Angel by Andrew Read

Our guardian angels are strong, selfless, courageous people. However, they need to feel our support, too.

How often do you think about brave soldiers who suffered injuries or lost their lives for you to live?

I am happy to know there are people, who remember them. I am even more happy to know there are people who remind us of our angels: men and women, who are selflessly committed to keeping the peace.

Foundations, the main purpose of which is to help Veterans, Servicemen and Servicewomen and their families, supporting those who are in need.

Art in the Armed Forces (AITAF) is a unique foundation. They are some special kind of angels, too. It was founded by Adam Driver, an actor and a former Marine (as for me, there are no “former” Marines), and Joanne Tucker, an actress. As we can read on official site of the foundation, AITAF bridges the cultural gap between the US Armed Forces and the performing arts communities by bringing the best modern American theater to the military. Founders of the non-profit organization use performance to unite artists and service members and encourage dialogue. Touching, soulful performances of the artists inspire, motivate and simply remind Military Servicemen and Servicewomen how grateful we, simple people, are for what they do for us.

Sometimes even the strongest ones need support and inspiration.

Do you believe in guardian angels?..