Nice Gifts From The Fashion Blogger Diana Marks

To get gifts - it's always nice. And doubly pleased to get them from a reputable person and your fave blogger you love. I already wrote in my publication about blogs I read. Among them I also have mentioned interesting young blogger Diana Marks and her personal style blog LA by Diana Live Magazine. This fragile girl managed in a record time for the blogger - 1 year - to reach such heights, which every fashion blogger dreams - she was invited to review the official runways of several brands on NYFW,and - lo and behold! - was mentioned by some magazines, ex. Vogue Russia as one of the greatest stree-style fashionistas of NYFW.Actually, I honestly was not surprised. We know quite a while with Diana, and supported each other. I'm always glad her new publications - her style can not but admire! In my memory, there was not one of her looks, which would has disappointed me. That's why she grew up so naturally, quickly and easily.

And now thankful for the support Diana decided to bestow upon my humble person truly royal gifts! The most amazing thing is that each of the gifts was "pithily". Diana is very attentive and feeling girl, as if she knows and sees everything in advance =) This also applies to fashion trends and relationships with people. It pleased me a little key-pendant souvenir from Hollywood (and I am also a passionate collector of key chains, the fact which few, who knows!), beauty surprise - body lotion with coconut (looove!) flavor of Forever 21 , incredible headphones in the black and gold trendy design - a very serious gift, I just could not find a suitable headphones, kittens had eaten the wires from my old ones... Well, the crown of all - iPhone case from Herve Leger ... It is "luxury" brand and for me it is a really "precious" in every sense gift ... And, yes ... Planning for a while to replace the cellphone, I for a long time hesitated which smartphone to choose ... Now the choice is obvious, I just can not afford to keep in dust this posh gift! Thank you very much, dear Diana!

Pic and commentary from Instagram:

Sometimes there are moments when the words THANK YOU is not enough to express the gratitude. Today I have just such a case. I've received a package from one of my favorite bloggers @bydianamarks with so stunning gifts! A small key pendant that I collect, delightfully fragrant body lotion from Forever 21 , fabulous headphones in golden design and stunningly elegant iPhone case by Herve Leger @herveleger... Thank you SO MUCH, dear Diana for such wonderful gifts! I'm in heaven! ☆ #fashionblogger #LAbyDiana #gift #headphones #iphonecase #herveleger #Forever21Beauty #bodylotion #keypendant #picoftheday #модныйблоггер #подарок #спасибо #blogueira #blogdemoda #obrigada Утром мне пришла посылка с подарками от прекрасного модного блоггера из США Дианы Маркс... Сказать, что я в экстазе - не сказать ничего! Я очень благодарна за шикарные подарки! Спасибо, Диана! ^ω^