Metallic Bags. How to Wear Golden or Silver Bag?

I often talk about "metallic" trend, and today I want to "dive deeper" into the world of those beautiful metallic accessories. I've prepared for you a selection of golden, and silver bags made ​​of specially manufactured leather or syntetic material. This trend is more relevant for the winter holidays, not only for Christmas or New Year, but also, for example, on a date in St. Valentine's Day. In addition, you can always find affordable pieces of democratic brands (even for $10). A great chance to try something that goes beyond your regular outfits!

Metallic bags. How to wear golden or silver bag?

I've chosen golden and silver metallic shades for the today's topic. There is a heaps of metallic shades, but these ones are the most versatile. Golden accessory is a wonderful choice for a girl with "warm" type of appearance and "warm" skin tone."Cold" lady will look perfect with the silver. But, of course, choosing your own look, you can fix upon pinkish golden or bronze tones. Or actually any color with metallic effect that is suitable to your outfit. We can certainly make a start from the theory that all "metallics" are cold by definition, but I still tend to think that some of the shades should be chosen more carefully.

But based on the fact that silver or golden bags are the most popular option, let's take a look at them. I share with you a selection of different models of brands of different price categories.

Metallic bags. How to wear golden or silver bag?

Well, I will add a few words about how to wear golden or silver bag. Gold and silver, as I said are the most versatile metallic shades. They will match any color of clothing. Most importantly, to follow rules of cold and warm shades (see above my opinion about the "temperature" of tones). Gold, anyway, will make the most harmonious look with "warm" shades, and silver with "cold" shades. It's all about types of appearance. For example, I wear not golden, but a silver wedding ring.

If you're still undecided with your type of appearance (by the way, you can ask me about this, I will answer your questions), you can combine any of these metallic shades with neutral colors: black, white, beige, brown, blue, gray, neutral red. That will be a win-win combo! If to take a concrete example: a date, you can combine a little black dress, silver or golden handbag, classic black pumps (they can be decorated to match the bag) and a small piece of jewelery (a bracelet for ex.), matching the bag, too. For daily outfit you can put on a great combination of black or white sweater, jeans, black boots, and a metallic satchel. Let's see how you can combine these accessories.

Do you have a metallic bag?