Do you want to be cute? I will tell you how to make hair bands... ;)

Hi, my favorite kittens! Today I want to write about how to make hair bands. Of course, the hair is the best accessory of woman (if to take care of them), but sometimes you want to add the hair a little bit of charm for a chosen look. The hair bands of various styles are very popular in this season: from sporty bandanas, till a fine romantic hair band.

Hoje, eu vou escrever como fazer uma faixa de cabelo de tecido muito fácil. Fique comigo e lê;) Amo e beijo! =*

como fazer faixa de cabelo

I'll tell you how to make hair bands with own hands. And that is absolutely universal accessory ;)

You will need a fabric, from which you will make the hair band, a thread and a sewing-machine (although you can manually , but very carefully), and most importantly, you will need a floral wire - you can buy it in a flower shop. Make the "tube" from fabric, sewing the edges, and pass the wire through the tube. Close the ends of the tube. Voila! (I took the tutorial from designer Kelly Hicks).

Thanks to its plasticity, the wire will be free to bend, and you can easily tie it like an usual hair band. But in our case, WARNING, that's why needed a wire - free ends of the head band can be rolled up in spiral, or flowers! It is also possible to form bows, hearts, leaves and .. that just comes to mind!

Also, this hair band can be used in combination with other accessories for the hair: tied around a simple band and formed in rosettes, or you can simply create from our head band a beautiful bow and fix it with pins on the head. Depending of your choice, the colors and textures of fabric, you can create a accessory for the hair for any look: a hair band with polka-dot is wonderful for the pin-up-look, hair band made from a tinsel is nice for the club's look, a beautiful hair band from red satin is good for the classic romantic look. You still don't know how to make hair bands? Imagine, create! And stay the most beautiful!

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses! =* Meaow :3