How to: make beaded bracelet

I decided to remember my childhood, when in Russia, where I lived, it was popular to create beadwork fandangles among the girls. I had creating not just the fandangles, but also flowers, small animals and so on. Yesterday I decided to do it again and here is my article about how to make beaded bracelet =) I have already wrote that DIY is in trend, so you can do everything with your own hands, whatever you want =)

I used:

1. Beads in three colors (choose your fave);

2. Monofilament (nylon) thread (take the one for a fishing, belong your Dad: D);

2. Inspiration and good mood (otherwise everything will fall out of the hands).

Start to bead as shown on the scheme. It's difficult to explain with words, and English is not my native=). Use the beads in an amount which is necessary for your pattern. Schematically I marked the one bead of the each color =) But I used 1 red, 2 pink and 1 white beads. If you use this technique you will get the volume bracelet. And if you will not stretch the bracelet, you will get a jewelry in the form of a tube.

Beaded bracelet. Pattern.

Use the nylon thread thin enough to pass through the beads, but thick enough to not tear by pulling. When you are finished beading, connect both ends of the bracelet, tying knots of the thread. For a more hard fixing melt the ends of the thread with the cigarette lighter. If the nylon thread is strong enough, it will not break if you use a bracelet with no clasp. If you are not sure of the quality of the thread, it's better to connect the ends of the bracelet with the ribbon, and tie the bow.

Take care of you and create! I love you and kiss you! Meaow=*