How to sew beach bag? Make designer beach bag by yourself!

Hello, pretty kittens! ^ ^ Continuing a beach theme, I think, it's time to talk about one of the most important accessories of beachgoers - a beach bag. Bags for the beach, in my opinion, the most simple in cut, and you don't necessarily have to be a bag-master, to know how to sew beach bag with own hands. My article today is devoted to handmade bags for the beach, as well as I did for you photo-tutorial on how to decorate this important accessory. So, do you want to have a designer beach bag? Stay with me and read ;)

Hoje, o meu post é sobre como fazer uma bolsa de praia e como decorar ela. Um foto-tutorial DIY. Fique comigo e lê! ;) Amo e beijo! =*

como fazer uma bolsa de praia e como decorar ela

It's still difficult for me to write the tutorials in English, I need to use a lot of new words, but beacause of it with every day I speak better and better! Thank you, my beloved readers, for this! So, let's begin. The simplest in the world (in my opinion) pattern is to cut from fabric two sides and bottom of the bag and sew them, and then to sew the handles. It's better for reliability in the place of joints of the handles and the bag to sew "patches", so that the handle won't be teared off (after your beach towels and swimsuit will be wet, and their weight will increase). Patterns, shown below are the most common patterns of bags. Choose the more tightly fabric to bear the weight of all stuff.

como fazer uma bolsa de praia e como decorar ela

If you care that the bag, sewed the easiest way will look boring and dull as a "sack", I suggest you to decorate it. I have a beach bag (which I got as a gift from Undercolors of Benetton) is the most simple and even boring. I especially didn't like the "patches" that were brown in color and didn't fit of the color (white-blue) of the bag. But do not look a gift horse in the mouth, Eva.... I decided to paint over the patches, as well as to decorate the bag according to the trend of this season - in the "marine" style.

What we need to decorate the bag:

1. Bag (how to do without it? :D)

2. Paper to cut the stencil

3. Stationery knife

4. Acrylic paint: I took the only gold one

5. Golden glitter

6. Acrylic varnish

7. Paintbrush

I've drew and cut out the stencil two anchors - a large one and smaller. The first step is to paint over the brown patches. Then I painted the anchors through a stencil (I scattered them randomly over the surface of the bag). The first layer of paint is very fuzzy, we need it as a base. Inaccuracies is easily corrected with a cotton swab.

como fazer uma bolsa de praia e como decorar ela

Then I paint over all the anchors (without stencil already), and the "patches" with a second layer of the gold paint, and began to apply the varnish on the pictures, and immediately after application, I applied a glitter on the varnish. Acrylic varnish is transparent, we need it, that don't let the glitter fall away. The varnish mixed with glitter looks like nail polish. I covered the anchors only with a small amount of glitter, while the "patches" - with a continuous layer, so there was no sign of brown.

como fazer uma bolsa de praia e como decorar ela

It's very difficult to show on the pics how shiny and shimmering is the glitter on the bag, I made a couple of shots unfocused, so you can see that glitter "flickers". Let the varnish dry - acrylic varnish as well as paint dries quickly, within a couple of hours. Then you can use it! ;)

como fazer uma bolsa de praia e como decorar ela

If you have the time and materials, I advise to make the bag necessarily. I hope, I explained good how to sew beach bag ;) And not even because to stand out (although, of course, designer beach bag, beautifully decorated, attract the eye of fashionistas), but in order to realize your creative talents. Every day of our lives goes through quickly, and rarely there is a place for creativity in our schedule, but it's so wonderful - to create something with own hands, and then enjoy the fruits of your hands!

Take care of you and of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses;! =* Meaow :3