How to make natural soap at home. Recipe

Hello, my lovely kittens! I suddenly detected that my reserve of a soap is coming to the end, which means that it's time to make a new batch;) And, of course, I'll write about it in the blog. The first batch of soap I was making with the aroma of coffee, the second was with a creamy-raspberry aroma. Making soap at home is not difficult if you follow the recipe. Now I will tell you how to make natural soap at home. Soap with marigold's petals and with the aroma of an apple and a cinnamon.

Ola, gatinhas lindas! Hoje, vou escrever como fazer o sabonete em casa.

Este sabonete é muito bom para o pele que tem problemas (como as espinhas). Uma receita com o óleo de amêndoa doce e com as pétalas de calêndula.

como fazer o sabonete em casa. Uma receita

First, I'll tell you about the ingredients. We will need:

0,22 lb (100 gr.) of soap base

3 tbsp. of a sweet almond oil

3 tbsp. of dried calendula's petals

10 drops of a fragrance "Apple and Cinnamon"

5 drops of a fragrance "Christmas spices"

5 drops of a red dye

5 drops of a yellow dye

O sabonete em casa com oleo

Now, of course, is not the Christmas, but the aroma of the Christmas is what you need in the heat of the summer;) Also, to make natural soap at home, we need the bowl to mix ingredients, a spoon, a pipette to measure drops, an electronic kitchen scales, a rubbing alcohol, and a silicone form for baking (is perfect for the soap).

Preparation. Cut the soap base into cubes and send it for 1 minute in the microwave at maximum power to melt. If you take it out, and see that the cubes is not fully melted - stir it for a while, they will melt too, being in the hot mass. After that, add all the ingredients into the melted mass: drops of dye (mix it), the sweet almond oil (mix it), drops of fragrances (mix), and finally add the petals, and mix it well. Sprinkle the form with the rubbing alcohol (so we will not allow air bubbles form). Pour the soap mass in form, sprinkle the top with alcohol to remove the bubbles, and send it in the fridge for half an hour. Then take it out, carefully separate the walls of the silicone from from the frozen soap (silicone is flexible, you will be succeed easily), and remove. Big beautiful and fragrant soap bar is in front of you! You will only cut it into pieces, and wrap each in a plastic wrap (to protect from moisture) for a long storage.

O sabonete. Como fazer

The aroma of the soap will give you the pleasure of washing, almond oil is for the skin's nutrition, and calendula's petals is a good scrub and have anti-inflammatory effect. This natural soap is good for those who have problem skin. The one of the good remedies to the same it's prepared at home.

Como fazer o sabonete em casa. Receita

How to make natural soap at home is a fave subject for those who love natural cosmetics. Much has been written about this, and I have already written more than once. The thing is simple, the process is the creative, and - most importantly - is very nice to do something yourself. Also, you will have no doubts in the naturalness of the product;) Tell me you've tried to make soap yourself? What are the successes? Did you like?

Este foi um post sobre o como fazer o sabonete em casa. Vocês já tentou fazer um sabonete? Gostou?

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kiss;!=* Meow :3