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Ko-te.com - Kisses from Europe

Kisses from Europe is a fashion, style, beauty and makeup blog (in Russian and English), in which each girl can find something interesting and useful for her. Fashion-blogger (as well as beauty-blogger ;) Eva Tornado is a journalist by profession, she was born in Russia, and her blog has a magazine format and covers all the topics that concern a modern girl: fashion, beauty, travel, crafts, and health. Also, in the blog Kisses from Europe you can find publications about the European lifestyle, stories about Portugal, where Eva lives, and the events of the author’s private life.

“Get the look!” by Eva Tornado is the main topic of the blog where the author shares her recommendations for the creation of outfits and makeups for any events or special occasions, trendy looks or looks just for inspiration. All images and publications accompanied by links to online stores where you can buy clothes or makeup to get the desired look.

Eva TornadoIn the beauty and makeup blog you can find recipes of natural cosmetics for face, body and hair, reviews about skin-care and hair-care products of different brands and about makeup products. Beauty-blog also includes makeup-tutorials, reviews of makeup and hairstyle trends and lots of other useful information.

In the fashion-blog you can read about fashion trends, find reviews of Russian and international designer brands and collections, advices on the selection of clothing and accessories for different occasions, style tips, photos and video from the fashion shows, runways, as well as you can find publications for your inspiration.

In the section about the “Health” you can find the information about nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and wellness that will help you find solutions of your problems. All publications are recommendations and are based on a personal experience of the author, and on the information gleaned from medical sources.

Eva paid a special attention to a DIY, and in this section you can see tutorials how to create clothes and accessories at home. Here you can find not only ideas for your inspiration, but also tips and tricks for creating handmade-products.

The section “Travel” is filled with reviews and descriptions about the most interesting places to visit in Europe, and it will help you navigate and choose your own route to travel. Here you can find pictures and descriptions of countries, cities and individual sightseeings of a cultural heritage of Europe, as well as travel stories of the author.

In the section “Lifestyle” the author publishes her observations about the traditions of inhabitants of Europe, writes about the events in her life, shares videos and photos of the most interesting places. A special place is the subject of relationships: the relationship between women and men, marriage and family life of men and women in Europe.

The author keeps a journalistic approach to publications, professionally writes about any subject, so each article is written not only with love for the readers, but also with the responsibility for the published information.

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