5 the Best Matte Lipsticks to Try this Season

Author: Eva Tornado

My today’s post I dedicate to the best matte lipsticks - one of my favorite makeup products. I will share with you the most, in my opinion, stunning and interesting shades, and, as always, will share with you links to reviews of each shade. So if you still have not decided to try matte shades of lipstick, I’m sure you will dare;)
5 the Best Matte Lipsticks to Try this Season in beauty blog of Eva Tornado

5 the Best Matte Lipsticks to Try this Season

You probably already know that I’m not a huge fan of shimmer in lipsticks, but I like the glossy and matte shades absolutely. With the firsts I have more difficulties - glossy lipsticks stick down my very long hair. But with the matte lipsticks I am just very lucky. Using a matte lipstick is the best way to create well-defined lips. This is a great advantage for those who have full lips. But even for such thin-lipped ladies like me, matte lipsticks is a way out. Using them as foundation, it is a great option to “draw” a new contour of the lips, going out a bit beyond the edges. And then, playing the lip gloss and highlighter, we can give volume to the new lip contour. Resulting we have a very expressive mouth. Of course, in this case, the whole attention is moved to the lips, if even most neutral nude tones of a lipstick were selected. But let us get down and see the best matte lipstick shades. Do not forget to take a look at their reviews! = )

  • Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick. Soft rose-brown shade Pink Chocolate. Review on MakeupAlley.
  • Nars Pure Matte Lipstick. Vibrant hot pink shade Carthage. Review in the Tempalia’s blog.
  • Givenchy Le Rouge Intense Color Sensuously Matte Lipstick. Soft rosy pink shade #206 Rose D’Exception. Review on TheFabZilla.
  • Catrice Ultimate Colour. Vbrant coral-pink shade #260 It’s A Matt World. A little later I’ll write a separate review of this matte lipstick, but in a nutshell: this longlasting lipstick is gorgeous! Even if the lipstick is slowly eaten up, the pigment remains on the lips much longer. As with all “long-lived” lipsticks, this one dries lips, so I pre-moisturize them. Vibrant shade, I would say, vigorous coral pink.
  • Sephora Collection Color Lip Last. Cold red shade #19 Pure Red. Review on Rock!Roll!Glam!

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  1. Jezz Dallas

    Gorgeous colors. I usually go for glossi finishes but these might change my mind.

    • Eva Tornado

      I love oth!=) Just don’t really like shimmer on lips =)



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