How to make a face mask with yeast

Author: Eva Tornado

Hi, my beauties! I decided to make an addition to one of my previous publications, and talk a little bit about how to make a face mask with yeast, some details of the preparation of masks in general, and yeast masks in particular, and what ingredients can be added to a mask.

How to make a face mask with yeast

You need always make any mask with fresh ingredients, and this is particularly important in the case of a yeast. Yeast should be alive, so your skin will get the maximum benefit. Therefore it’s important to put the yeast not in the boiling, but in the warm milk, and if it’s boiled - give it time to cool down or a yeast will die.

The recipe of the face mask with yeast

1 tbsp a yeast
2 tbsp a warm milk
1 tsp a honey

Dissolve a yeast in milk, mix with a honey and apply a mixture on the skin for 20 minutes. But if you are allergic to honey, you are free to use other ingredients, depending of the effect you want - you can add the egg yolk for an oily skin, you can egg white - for aging and acne-prone skin, and you can add the vegetable oil if you have a dry skin. In any natural mask you can vary the composition and all the products are completely replaceable, or you can even exclude certain ingredients, if you don’t have it, or you are allergic.

Girls, I am russian, and the English is not my native language, so if you will found mistakes - feel free to show me them to correct! =)

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comments: 11

  1. Laura

    i use this mask on my face and it makes it tooooooo sofe,i recommend it x

  2. Laura

    i use this mask on my face and it makes it tooooooo soft,i recommend it x

    • Eva Tornado

      Thank you a lot for your recommendation, Laura! ♥

  3. Gawon

    Hi~ thank you for posting this! where can I get a fine yeast powder for facial mask?

  4. A.Saadawi

    how frequent should i use that mask?

    • Eva Tornado

      Even daily, just in case you don’t have any troubles with allergy using ingredients =)

  5. nafis

    it works, thanks

  6. Nida Khan

    Hi Eva,
    Would instant yeast be equally good??

    • Eva Tornado

      I can’t say definitely. But I think that instant one was already prepared and could lose its fibre and vitamins. So, I think, it’s better to try fresh flakes =)


  7. Mariam fouda

    Hi there, I’m mariam fouda from Egypt, and I have a “face problem” I do get a lot of acne and I don’t have a clear skin, and my skin type is oily sensitive skin so I was hoping u could help me with natural remedies for my face? Chemical medicine just hurts me nw so I prefer natural stuff
    Thank u :’)

  8. Latika

    Can I use dry yeast hair mask daily for my hairs….m from indiq plz suggest.



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