Best Evening Dresses 2014. Fashion Trends and Style Tips

Author: Eva Tornado

Christmas holidays are coming and I’m sure many of you are being preparing for them, and reflecting what to wear. But in addition to the Christmas and New Year we have many reasons to put on beautiful holiday dresses. Today I will share with you a selection of pics of the best evening dresses 2014, make a brief review of fashion trends and give some tips on choosing a beautiful dress for a party.

Best Evening Dresses 2014. Fashion Trends and Style Tips

I’ll start with evening dresses of designers, the ones that we could see on the catwalks during latest fashion weeks’ shows. If to take a cursory look at all dresses that designers created, you will notice that most of them see the evening dress in maxi style, decorated translucent details, with embroidery, prints, embossings, leather, feathers, beads, and sequins. Such models - it’s a hit of recent seasons and they still continue to be relevant. Also silhouettes new-look, bando, tulip, dress in retro style with a low or a high waist (empire, pin-up ) are stil popular. The most actual materials are translucent, flying, or very hard, structured fabrics, materials with elastane, shiny and silky velvet. Let’s take a look what kind of evening dress designers have created for the upcoming season.

Best Evening Dresses 2014


In the matter of the choice of the best evening dress is best to focus not on fashion trends, but on the fact which dress will match your own image and body shape. At least those models on the catwalk are not a standard.In all fairness, dresses actually hang like a creepy sack on some of them! We, Russians, are pretty far from real fashion trends, but appreciate fine style sense. If you know the basic rules of selection of clothes - to hide flaws and emphasize advantages - go choose dresses from these premises! Short model is suitable for girls with slim and long legs, dresses with bare shoulders - for owners of beautiful shoulder line. If you have a curvy figure - forget about the tight silhouettes and three-dimensional details. Deep cuts will suit if you don’t have any doubt about the beauty of the open parts of your body .

Choosing an evening dress, remember: there must be opened only something one - or decollete, or legs, or back

Color also can play crucial role in the selection of the best evening dresses. Choose dark and neutral tones, if you want to hide flaws, or simply do not want to be the center of attention; or the vibrant and light shades - if you intend to emphasize the advantages and are willing to everyone’s admiration. Do not forget about the accessories - for a richly decorated bright dress is better to choose a more neutral shoes and austere handbag. And vice versa - dress in strict silhouettes and colors require more vivid and good-looking jewelry and shoes. Let’s take a look at some of the current models of evening dresses 2014.

Best Evening Dresses 2014. Trendy pieces ♥

Which dress do you like mostly?

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  1. wonderfulworld

    I love maxi dresses and transparent sleeves! Thanks!

  2. Helen

    Nina Ricci! She makes the best dresses!

  3. radhi

    i like ur collection a lot!

  4. yasna

    i love them can u send to me more picture evening dress…



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