Christmas Style Clothing. 14 Best Pieces to Try Before the Christmas

Author: Eva Tornado

The most “trendy” trend of the winter is the Christmas style. This is something that even the air is saturated with, something that is everywhere, not just in clothing, but is in interior, music and culinary delights! So today I want to make a small collection of stylized clothes for Christmas and New Year - not only with reindeer sweaters and caps of Santa Claus, but other cute little things that give us the most memorable holiday’s spirit, bringing us back to the country of the endless childhood.

Christmas Style Clothing. 14 Best Pieces to Try Before the Christmas

In addition to pics of clothes, I’ll share with you links to shops where you can buy these all. The most active, oddly enough, in issue of the “Christmas motifs” are Chinese designers = ) They even faster that Europeans catch trends of pop-culture and in the Chinese online stores we can always see all of the most popular trends is not only the street fashion world, but in the movie, the Internet, music, and, of course, the holidays’ trends. Now it is time for Christmas madness, so only lazy designer will not use this time to create an interesting pieces, which stylize our pre-holiday wardrobe. After all, the holiday lasts only one night … But we can start celebrating right now, putting on your favorite details in Christmas style! ♥

I have included in y collection not only the Christmas clothing, but also the details in the Xmas style, which will help to diversify even the most formal outfit (if you must strictly follow the dress code - such cute stuff is a great solution) or to create a warm and cozy pre-Christmas mood on a party, or at home on the sofa with a mug of warm ginger tea while watching your favorite telenovela. And if you run into advertising “holidays are coming …” - this is exact getting into the Christmas atmosphere! :D


Aizel Romwe TopShop New Look Miss Rebel

Personally for me, after celebrating Russian New Year entire my life, the European Christmas seems to me something absolutely another ♥ If before the first sign of the upcoming NY for me was the snow … So here, in Portugal, in view of it’s absence, the main messengers of upcoming Xmas for me are a) aromas of roasted chestnuts and stoking fireplaces b) decorated stores and molls - Europeans have a very early start to prepare for the Christmas!

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  1. caterpillar

    что-то из бирюзовых кристаллов очень понравилось!

    • Eva Tornado

      Я аж офигела тебя увидеть на англ части :D

    • Eva Tornado

      и это елка =) иди на русскую часть, там все написано =)



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