Blue mascara. 5 products to try this spring

Recently, I read a lot of reviews about color mascara in beauty-blogs, and often blue mascara becomes a “number one”-choice of bloggers. I must say that I love this color: as dark versions, almost indistinguishable from black ones as well bright blue versions, which ones look simply gorgeous with my gray-blue eyes. I offer you a 5 different mascaras that are worth a try, and also share with you the beautiful makeup with this bright mascara’s color.

Blue mascara. 5 products to try this spring

Blue mascara. 5 products to try this spring

Because I’m blonde, I think that blue mascara (especially the colorful and light-colored variations) is the perfect decision for blondes with light-blue, gray and green eyes. Heavenly shades of blue underline and reinforce the eye’s color, turning “greyish mouse” into a beautiful fairy.

A dark blue, shades of night skies are more suitable for brunettes, emphasizing their mysteriousness and inaccessibility. Although, what could be the limit for those who like to experiment? Go for it! Try different colors, and you will find “your” shade is the one that fits perfectly in your look =)

Blue mascara. 5 products to try

1. Guerlain By Emilio Pucci Le 2 #14 Blu 2 Pucci by Guerlain

2. Smoky Lash #5 Dark Blue by Make Up For Ever

3. Diorshow Unlimited #258 Azure Blue by Dior.

4. Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking #04 Sea Black by YSL

5. Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara #04 Blue by Sephora

Makeup with blue mascara

In general, my most favorite version of makeup - to not use any eye-shadows, just to apply mascara, highlighting lashes. Especially it looks nice with using blue mascara.

Blue mascara makeup for STELLA MCCARTNEY's fashion show

Makeup in colorful blue shades - this is one of the main trends of the season. In addition to the colorful azure shades of makeup you can (and should!) use blue mascara. This will make the look more dramatic and spectacular.

Blue mascara makeup with azure shades

If you don’t want to do makeup with blue eye-shadows, you can use only the blue mascara without using shadows. As well you can play with the color combinations. Blue mascara will be beneficial to emphasize the makeup in pink, yellow and green colors, pastel shades and with pearl accents.

Blue mascara and orange lipstick are the main trends of the season


Video: Tutorial | Blue Mascara

I liked this tutorial, in which you can see how to combine blue mascara with shimmering peachy eye-and blue-pearl eyeshadows. The best decision for any eye-color!

Do you have black mascara in your cosmetic bag? Which one shade do you prefer?

I wish you a kittiful day, cuties! ♥ I love you! Meow!

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I look forward to your comments, beauties!

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  1. marykapsi:

    need to try this

  2. Diana Marks:

    wow! I never tried blue mascara but it looks magical!

  3. Jezz Dallas:

    Very nice! Gorgeous look if applied correctly!

  4. Mariah:

    I bought blue mascara once a few years back. I had no luck with it, but perhaps I’ll buy another - it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  5. eyelash extensions Montreal:

    I love this colored mascara the color looks so vibrant!



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