Colour blocking trend 2013. How to wear color blocking?

Today my fashion publication dedicated to one of the main trends this summer - Colour blocking trend (Colour Block), also it is known as “colorblock”. This trend is a combination of one, two or three bright and vivid enough colors, which are significantly different from each other in the one outfit. The most striking example: you can imagine a girl dressed like a traffic light - red hat, yellow sweater and green pants. ;) But let’s look at this trend in detail, and I will tell you how to wear color blocking trend.

Colour blocking trend 2013. DKNY SS 2013

Photo DKNY - SS 2013 Campaign

Fashion colour blocking clothing

Colour blocking trend is applied, by the way, not only for clothing, but also for makeup. However, colour blocking fashion trend lets choose colors “on the verge” for picking clothing items, while among colour blocking colours in makeup is better to choose more wearable shades, of course, if we are not talking about a special art-makeup for an event or a photo shoot.

Colour block fashion and minimalism

Dresses that combines bright colors - is itself very glaring, so the best design for such outfits is minimalistic. By the way, minimalism goes hand in hand with the colour block fashion trend on the catwalks this season. Designers know what they are talking about! The use of more elaborate and complicate designs and bright details in conjunction with colour blocking colours can lead to a fashion disaster! So if you dare to try this trend, stop for a modest geometric styles. If we talk about colour blocking dresses, the best silhouette for them will be A-line silhouette , straight cut silhouette and sheath-silhouette .

Colour block fashion and minimalism

Collection Friends and Associates 2013

How to wear color blocking clothing?

As I mentioned at the outset, color blocking trend is not just a combination of different colors. It may be two or (rarely) the three main colors of the spectrum, or their principal gradation (lilac that is between pink and purple, turquoise that is between green and blue etc). Most often, it is the opposite colours of the spectrum or two adjacent, or intermediate colours. The main thing is that the difference between the colors were pretty obvious. The most trendy and vibrant mix in color combinations 2013 - red and green, blue and yellow, yellow and purple, blue and green, orange and blue, red and purple, orange and green, yellow, and green, red and yellow, and so on. To pick up a beautiful colour blocking clothing that is the very important trend of fashion for summer 2013, it is worth recalling a children’s rhyme to remember the sequence of colors of the rainbow “Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain“. Remembering the colors of the rainbow, you can immediately see which colors should be used to recreate the style colour blocking trend at its most expressive form.

How to wear color blocking clothing?

Color blocking 2013 - Color combinations for a perfect look

A Russian blogger Blondycandy wrote about the selection of colors to create a beautiful color combination Colour Block. In great detail, focusing on the tips of Gucci Westman. Let me quote the key rules for color blocking 2013.

  • The easiest way is a combination of adjacent colors in the color ring (because the ring is designed to be the transition of one color to another.) Red combined with orange and purple (pink) will benefit from the combination of yellow with light green and mustard, green - with turquoise and light green, pink - with a bright pink and fuchsia, and so on.

  • The second principle is a combination of complimentary colors, namely, the use of opposite colors in makeup - yellow and purple, red and green, blue and orange - a huge scope for creativity.

  • The third principle is the three colors that are in an imaginary triangle in the color ring, such as blue-yellow-orange, chocolate, pink, peach, dark blue - red (hot pink) and white, orange - green - purple, yellow - green - red, yellow - violet - red (orange).

Colour blocking outfits in fashion for summer 2013

This season a number of designers have already presented the finished colour blocking looks in their fashion shows. You can follow the taste of designers of such brands like Hermes, Chloé, Diane Von Furstenberg, Fendi, Mugler, DYKN, Michael Cors, Marc by Marc Jacobs and others.

Colour blocking outfits in fashion for summer 2013

Look: colour blocking dresses

One of the most trendy color trends of the summer season is color blocking summer dresses. Only a very brave girl, the owner of a beautiful body (not necessarily thin or thick, most importantly, the beautiful one;) can buy summer clothing in colour block trend. These dresses do attract attention to their owner! Therefore, it is best to combine them with the less colorful accessories made in less bright colors, in more strict and discreet design, also is better to use less elaborate ornamentation for the details.

The first is the look with a color blocking summer dress. So as not to burden the look, it is better to use a less bright and fussy details, or if the underlying tone is soft or neutral, to select the accessories in a most colorful color of the look. The tone of the shoe can also be selected to match the prevailing tone in the look.

Look: colour blocking dresses

Pastel colour blocking. The great way to make Aa-line dress more colorful!

Look: Colour blocking pantsuit

If summer dress code of your company allows you to wear bright clothes within office walls, the colour blocking pantsuit is that you needed! However, it is not necessary to wear colour blocking if you will need to visit an important event. The reaction of others on such bright shades are not always predictable. In that case it is better to buy summer clothing for office in more neutral colours.

Look: Colour blocking pantsuit

Look: Colour blocking pantsuit. Green, mint and yellow tones mix

Beach colour blocking look

It is fashionable to combine different colors in swimsuits, so colour blocking colours certainly fit this trend. Is that the color will be chosen more vivid and the border between them more visible. That’s the beauty of colour blocking trend - all the colors are combined with each other, as if “on the verge”!

Beach colour blocking look

Beach colour blocking look Lemon yellow and crimson colour block

Color blocking shoes

Special attention should be paid to the shoes! Color blocking shoes are the equally popular trend than the clothes. Sometimes it is sufficient to include colored shoes such in your everyday attire as your look will sparkle with new colors and will become brighter and more expressive. A great way to try this trend is to buy trendy shoes and create the perfect summer look.

Color blocking  shoes

Color blocking shoes. My eyes love too look at that beauty!

Do you have colour blocking clothing in your wardrobe? Have you already tryed colour blocking trend in your outfits?

I wish you a perfect day, kittens! I love you! ♥ Meow!

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I look forward to your comments, beauties!

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  1. Lorietta:

    great article!:) it’s defintiely very useful! I’ve noticed that they used a lot of colorblocking in Zara this spring too! :) love the first outfit! I think pastel colors are perfect to begin with♥

    • Eva Tornado:

      Yes, a lot of democratic brands follow tends, and this is the key of their succes ;) I love pastecl colour blocking! Just WOW! ^^ And yes, you are right, is the best for begining, because, you gotta be a style-shark to mix vivid colors without mistakes :D

  2. Jezz Dallas:

    Thats a lot of color..I like it though!!

  3. Jules:

    love the tory burch bag!!!

  4. Kashaya:

    I love colorblocking! Great picks.=)



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