Peep Toe Booties - How To Wear? Let’s Take a Look!

Author: Eva Tornado

A couple of years ago, I was in love with the platforms and high heels. Now this shoe trend has subsided, and “flat sole” is back. Yes, the industry is not standing still, and my heart now is with another shoe fashion trend, reigning on the sidewalks already for a few seasons. Today’s post is dedicated to trendy ankle boots and I will share with you looks and tips how to wear peep toe booties this season.

Peep Toe Booties - How To Wear? Let’s Take a Look!

By the way, now perforated leather boots, or models, consisting of straps, or booties with opened sides or heels - such kinda “boots-sandals” are all trendy and are definetely must have of latest seasons. As super-feminine and sophisticated, as well as brutal, military-style boots. But I need to write a separate post about all of them, so now I will focus on peep toe booties for women. Specifically, I love the “closed ” style, without perforations and cuts, with only open toes and thin high heels.

The look of a femme fatale immediately appears in my head. However, in conformity with the realities of pavers I was forced to abandon the idea of ​​high heels, so I sigh and dream of a time when I will not have to run around on foot, then I will wear heels daily! :D In the meantime, I will think about more practical models with thick heel. In general, there are plenty of beautiful models, let’s look at my most favorite styles!♥

Of course, these booties by their mission are far from the fall ankle boots, rather they are the shoes (or sandals ), not boots. And they are for hot and dry weather or for indoor use. But I love the boots and booties, and even in the summer I will give preference to similar models! They look chic as with pants and jeans (especially with cropped models), as even skirts and cocktail dresses!

However, the rules of wearing toeless shoes can be applied to these booties too. As you understand - socks and tights can’t be worn with them (if this is not according with your personal style), and pedicures should be perfect ! Overall, these booties are not for the lazy ones. ♥

Trendy womens peep toe booties One Love!

Although in this season is very fashionable to wear shoes and boots with socks, is best to ignore this trend in the case of peep toe footwear if you don’t have proper experience! Still go controversy about the appropriateness of the combination of socks and tights with shoes and sandals. My personal opinion - this should be deliberately! If your image and style directions, that you prefer, meet these trends - you can experiment. Well, if your lifestyle doesn’t involve risky stylistic experiments - better not to start =)

Although I have an idea in the head to take photos with just a way: shoes (sandals) + socks or tights! Basically, I love these outfits, though they don’t match my image or my stylistic preferences. However, let’s take a look how fashionistas combine peep toe booties ♥

How to wear Peep Toe Booties?

Do you like peep toe booties?

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  1. Liss cope

    Oh I love these! Specially with skirts! ^^

  2. El Beauty Blog de Eli

    These are really not my kind, unluckily I can’t walk with heels :-(

    • Eva Tornado

      I had been training for years to walk properly :D



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