March Instaweek or how I spent my week

Kittens, as you know, not so long ago, I joined the ranks of instalovers and I must say, each time I am getting more and more involved into it, and I am beginning to understand those who can not eat calm, without taking a picture of a dish =) Because you begin to look at everything from the perspective of aesthetic and even the food for you turns into a piece of art that you want to take a picture! But for a blogger Instagram also allows to acquaint readers with her life. This is especially true for the non-lifestyle bloggers who’s blog has no place for a personal reflection of own life. I have provided a place for lifestyle-posts, but I decided to go the beaten track and to publish in this section my pictures from Instagram.

Yes, laziness (or, as I call it RATIONALITY :D) conquers all, much easier to collect the insta-set than every day to take with you anywhere and everywhere heavy camera and take pictures of everything and everyone. This week was going under the “sign” of packages: I received several parcels with cosmetics and clothing, as well as I had cozy evenings with reading magazines. Now here I am eating the same grapes that is on the picture, and I am writing this post =) Yesterday I wanted to relax and not to write anything at all, but my workaholism, being in collusion with my conscience, subtly pulled me off the couch, and I’d sat at the computer to write a review on russian part of my blog =) Sometimes I think that I can not rest … Looks like you want to be away from your computer and refresh the brain, but the worm of conscience simply does not let you to relax, and you in the end, unable to bear the torment, go to the computer. It’s from my dad … Here he is a real journalist-workaholic! Working without any days off!

Although, when it comes to bloggers … I often hear from them the word “lazy”, but I could not call “lazy” people, which in addition to their main activity (job, caring for the family and children, of domestic comfort) find the strength and enthusiasm for blogging and do it professionally!

And how was your week? =) It will be interesting to talk! ♥ BTW I am @evatornado on Instagram

I love you kittens! ♥ Have a wonderful Sauday! ♥ Meow!

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  1. Tania:

    You are a good blogger, dear! I love to read you!


  2. allure-edition:

    really great instagram photos! i have enjoyed to watch them

  3. Diana Marks:

    I like your Insta photos!



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