Dry cracked lips - causes and solutions

Hi, kittens! Well, the fall has come with cold winds, colds and a lot of cosmetic problems, which often have a seasonal character. Today I write about a problem that every girl had at least once. So, my article is about dry cracked lips - causes and solutions.

Ola, gatinhas! Hoje, vou escrever sobre os lábios secos e rachados - causas e soluções desta problema.

os lábios secos e rachados - causas e soluções desta problema

Dry cracked lips - causes and solutions


Perhaps you have noticed that the problem of cracks on the lips appears at a certain time and a number of factors leads to desiccation of the surface layer of the lips skin and the loss of its elasticity. The delicate skin of lips loses its protective properties due to stress, the constant influence of external factors (wind, rain) and the uneven nutrition, which is without all the necessary vitamins and minerals.


Beauty comes from the inside, so the first thing to do to ensure the support of the beauty is to adjust your diet to include all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Specifically to improve the elasticity of the skin of lips you should take vitamin A (red vegetables), E (vegetable oils and nuts) and B (meat, cereals, liver, etc.). Secondly, it is necessary to take care of external protection of lips -to use moisturizing and nourishing balms, lipsticks and glosses with SPF-filters. Also to timely stimulate the regeneration of lips skin cells you should make periodic massage of lips (with a new clean toothbrush. Don’t use the old, or one that is used, because it’s full of bacteria that easily penetrates into even the smallest cracks in the lips skin, causing inflammation and infection), and use the scrub on the basis of sugar or finely ground coffee.

If the problem of dry cracked lips is already visible, and the trouble has to be solved as soon as possible, it’s necessary to use some remedies. One of the options - oil’s compresses - apply a cotton swab dipped in oil to the lips and leave it for a while. Honey is also a great way to get rid of the cracks on the lips. It nourishes, detoxifies, and gives a lip skin a huge dose of vitamin, causing the cells to regenerate faster. Aloe vera is also helps to regenerate, it’s a great solution. My little secret - in the summer I bought a sos-lotion for the skin that has burned on the sun - it contains powerful moisturizing factor, as well as substances that contribute to the rapid regeneration of the skin - this lotion was a great solution for damaged, cracked lips!

What do you use for lips care?

O que e que vocês usam para lábios secos e rachados?

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Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses!=* Amo e beijo!=* Meow :3

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  1. Fleur:

    Very pretty picture! I wish I could make pictures like that (and had a bit more volume in my lips haha). A lot of times I have broken lips, only at the corners.. it’s caused by a lake of vitamens. I eat enough fruit and vegies… but my body doesn’t take all the vitamens out of them. So every other month I have broken skin in the corners… really enoying =S It does help when I reat more fresh foods though lol.

  2. Sandra:

    I use one rule - never make the lips wet on the wind! I always protect my lips and have no problems now :)

  3. Frida:

    What is the name of the product you mention in the end?



    • Eva Tornado:

      Nivea Sun SOS after Sun Lotion =) you can see it in any supermarket=) =**



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