Lamination of hair: the best natural remedy for your hair

Author: Eva Tornado

Hello, kittens! I continue the epic treatment of my hair, as I wrote, the result is visible, however, I want to try a popular in Russia (as I see in english-speaking countries this recipe is not so popular) remedy, it’s a lamination of hair.

Comparing with the salon procedures, the Lamination of hair with the gelatin at home is more, more, moooore cheaper, and the effect (according to reviews) is the same or even better. Well, let’s see how I can help restore my injured in the battles for the beauty hair with a gelatin’s lamination. :D

Lamination of hair at home

As usual I will take a simple recipe of the lamination as a base, but I will make my own adjustments, cuz my hair needs not just a wrap, but also an intense nutrition. Whatever they write, but the gelatin is made from a denatured collagen (do you remember cooked eggs? Cooked egg white is denatured and its molecules have lost their natural properties), and this collagen will not nourish your hair. It is better to add to the mix for laminating additional ingredients that can penetrate into the hair structure BEFORE it will be wrapped.

For a gelatin base we need:

1 tbsp. of the gelatin (in powder)
4 tbsp. of the water (or the milk)

I mixed the gelatin with the boiling milk, and left the mix for 20 minutes. This is the usual starting point for all the recipes in Russia, we are preparing the gelatin base for lamination and after we will mix with the components that our hairs need.

Lamination of hair at home

My hair, killed with the peroxide, needs fairly powerful components as nutrient and moisturizing as well, but I still want to keep a nice light shade without yellowing. So my choice is:

1 tbsp. of the mask for colored hair
1 tbsp. of the sweet almond oil (it’s nutrient component and also it will give the shining to my hair)
1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel - powerful moisturizing and regenerating component. I bought it in the UK, it has a jelly-like concentrated form .

When the gelatin base is ready (gelatin gotta be completely dissolved and the mixture is cooled a bit), I mix all the ingredients. I wash my hair with a shampoo, I don’t use a conditioner, for keep the cuticle scales opened. By the way, a little advice - before applying any remedies (masks, creams so on) rinse the hair with a hot water, then the cuticle scales will open and the nutrient components will penetrate inside the hair. I apply on the washed hair my magic mix fro the lamination of hair, wrap my head with the wrap, and put a towel over. I wait 40 minutes, periodically warming the head in a towel with a hairdryer - to enhance the action of components.

Lamination of hair at home

I tried to reflect the result on the pic. However, “after” the hair still didn’t dry up, I was hurry to share my joy! “Before” my hair looked like a porous, now the pores are filled with the gelatin, and the structure of the hair is smooth, so (also because of the almond oil) the hair’s got a healthy glow. Also, thanks to the excellent gelatin’s “corset”, the hair became stronger, and they don’t t break when I comb it. Hair looks like A LOT OF HAIRS (because each hair has become thicker.) Who said that the Lamination of hair with the gelatin doesn’t help? It’s the excellent help! I plan to do it regularly, until my hair burned with the peroxide grow up, and I will cut the ends. Try this recipe! You will not regret it!

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kiss!! Meaow=*

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  1. Tor

    Ooh, this is interesting! Gelatine does make sense, since it’s pretty much pure protein. Henna has a similar ‘coating’ effect and makes your hair thicker, I absolutely adore it, but this looks like a better option if you want to keep your colour.

    Tor // A Wayward Girl

    • Eva Tornado

      i love henna too, but it is not the best for blond hair, because it can change their color=) but for dark hair it’s a good idea!=) Thank you!=*

  2. Wasifa Ahmad

    Oh my! That’s a neat trick! I will surely try it out and let you know how it goes!
    Thanks for the lovely post!
    I will really appreciate if you check out my health-care & beauty blog and join me!

    • Eva Tornado

      Hi! I’am glad you liked ;) Sure, I’ll check out your blog ;) Thank you for your comment =))) Kisses =*

  3. rubi

    can i put conditioner after I wash the gelatine mask?

    • Eva Tornado

      Hi, dear Rubi! Sure you can=) Your hair will look even much better after ;) Thank you for your commentary, big kisses and happy holidays!=))

  4. Kaja

    Hey there, this hair treatment is becoming more and more popular in Poland. I’ve tried this before and I do it once as month. Some girls do it more often but it’s easy to “over protein” hair if you re not careful enough. I can add that lamination works better when it is just 1tbsn. of gelatin, 3 tbsn. of water and 1 tbsn. of conditioner, mask or some oil ( in my case mix of oils). IF I add too much conditioner, mask or oil the effect of lamination is not that good.

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    […] my best to strengthen them and use different beauty techniques like regular straightening ) and lamination but they end up curly and ugly by the end of the day. Plus, it’s superchallenging to find a good […]

  6. El Beauty Blog de Eli

    Ok, shared! I hope my readers enjoy it as much as I did:
    Merry Xmas

    • Eva Tornado

      Thank you, my dear! ♥ Merry Christmas for you, too!

  7. Lucy Wyatt

    Do you wash off the mix after it has been on your head???

    • Eva Tornado

      Oh, I didn’t mention that. Yes, I wash this off with cool water (without shampooing), and apply any conditioner. Pieces of gelatin should fill cracks and even the hair’s structure =)

  8. Rica

    Hello!! I got very curious to try. I have one question. I have never made gelatin mix in general. By instruction i ned to boil 4tbsp water (?) and then put 1tbsp gelatin in it? ITs such a small amount…is it working to make? Sorry for stupid question!!! :) My hair became so thin and damadged after colouring and using a flat iron! Will be happy to try sth new with big hopes!

  9. quanita

    I did 2 times the madk and my hair get why !!why and what to do now?!!

  10. quanita

    My hair get orange colour from this mask!

    • Eva Tornado

      I think you did sometning wrong or used wrong ingridient. As you see, I have the lightened hair and had no problem with this mask. All my ingredients were without color. I can’t say what could cause your color change. Try to wash your hair more or ask the specialist about this issue.

  11. miranda

    Hi! Maybe i didnt see this. But what is 1 tbsp of mask for colored hair?

    • Eva Tornado

      You can try it!=) Any hair care mask will be great for this remedy=)



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