FOTD: My daily make-up.

Hi, my beautiful kittens! Today I will write about my relationship with make-up :D I am very conservative, and I don’t like to do colorful make-up (except some parties), and most of all my days I don’t do any make-up. It’s because I take care about my skin’s condition. Age and so on… ;) But if I need to look good, I choose the most simple make-up. The one bright detail of which is the eyeliner (flicks).

O meu diário make-up. A minha rotina: Como eu faço uma maquiagem diária e uma maquiagem para a noite. Fique comigo ;) Amo e beijo! =*

My daily make-up consists of a foundation (I use a liquid foundation of two shades, to underline the relief of my face). I fix the foundation by the powder (I have very oily skin in the T-zone, so I fixed this bug :D). Then eyebrow pencil is coming (I put the pencil’s pigment on the angular brush, and then I apply the pigment on the brows), and, of course, the eyeliner flicks (I have long been addicted to use the black pigment from the Givenchy as eyeliner - sounds richly, but if you once bought, you will use it for a long time, and it is VERY black, and also this pigment is very proof. Another “ingredient” of my makeup is a mascara. Most often I use the three-dimensional, sometimes I use two - for a volume and a length. All is completing with lip balm and lip-gloss a light pink color.

If I am planing to spend the evening (I have in mind, Eventful), my way of transforming simple as possible. I take my favorite black pigment and just do the flicks on the eyes thicker;) On the lips I apply a thick layer of lip-gloss with more dark shade and I cover the lashes with another layer of mascara. I did’t mention about the blush. I paint it from time to time, because I have anemia, and the lack of blush is my normal state. So sometimes I forget. :D

I remove makeup as follows: first I rinse the face with a washing gel to wash away most of the make-up, and then I thoroughly wash off my make-up with a cotton pad soaked in an olive or an almond oil. Oil is an excellent solvent, and also it’s a wonderful remedy for a skin care. How to remove the remnants of the mascara - I remove it with the cotton swab dipped in the same oil. You know how it helps to your eyelashes grow ;)

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses! =* Meaow :3

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  1. Your Name says:

    Simple and beautiful.

  2. Your Name says:

    Wow, that Givenchy pigment does look amazing as a liner!!

  3. Diana Marks says:

    Very interesting post. I learned a lot of new interesting make-up secrets ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  4. Corinna @ http://abloggingbride.com says:

    Love the dramatic eyeliner! I don’t wear eye makeup except for liner so I’m going to experiment with darker tips now.


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