Ways to wear high waisted shorts

Hi, my lovely kittens! Today I decided to write about the one of my most fave fashion trend and show you the ways to wear high waisted shorts. Yes, these shorts are my the most fave ^^ And finally we can wear something that will underline our shape but not to open all our “humps”. And the high waisted shorts is the one of the best ways to underline the beauty of your body and keep it closed.

Hoje o meu post é sobre as várias maneiras de vestir short jeans de cintura alta. Looks para inspiração.

Actually, this trend is not so new, it came to us from the far 50-s, when the sexual revolution in the USA just was begun and not everybody was brave to open all the parts of the body=) Now, when the peak of the sexual revolution is over, the old traditions of the real women’s beauty is coming back, and modern woman start to hide back all that they have opened before. So now, if you want to conquer the heart of the men you don’t need to take off your clothes, it’s better to demonstrate your natural beauty, shyness and true women’s charm. And now we don’t need to use the agressive sexuality, it’s better to be yourself - to be sincere, genuine. And the high waisted shorts is the one of the clothes that can help you to create your amazing look.

Today I’ve created for you three looks to show you the ways to wear high waisted shorts. First of them is very girlish, with the Minny Mouse’s motives. Good for romantic walks.

Second look is more elegant, but in the same time simple. You can wear the ballerina flats as well as the high heels.

Third look is more comfortable and simple, in street-style with elements of sport-chic. You will feel yourself amazing.

And I couldn’t resist and I created the cat’s look with the high waisted shorts. These looks are more open and it’s better to use them for the special parties. First is the leopard’s look.

Second one is the tiger’s look. Very open!=)

I hope I inspired you for creating your own look and for new purchases! Thank you for your support! Join my communities, the link you can see in the panel leftward. =*

Take care of your beauty, kittens! Love&kisses=* Meaow ;3

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  1. Tina @ My Highest Self says:

    Love the shoes in your first photo set! I’d love to try this trend some time :) http://www.myhighestselfblog.com

  2. Liliane @ yourdailyintake.com says:

    Love the one with the colorful bag!!
    And your blog is beautiful, great header :D

  3. Diana Marks says:

    great combinations!
    Please support my up and coming blog about life and fashion in Los Angeles by following it on Bloglovin ;) I can follow you back if you want ;)

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